Animals That Touched My Heart

In my life I have had so many loving "Pets" that have touched my heart and soul. All devastated me when they passed or were given to lonely friends  to make them happy. I have many loving and unusual stories I would like very much to share as they all touched my heart and soul in so many ways! To the right is my little Brindle Pit Bull I named "Duder" which was his nick name and "Dakota" was his formal name. He stayed by my side always even followed me to the rest room and slept in my bed . Duder seemed to get puppy time back into his  life. He was insessently happy as was I.  He was healthy and strong for 5 years,. Then at the age of 18 he began to lose weight tumors arose and we knew he had given us 5 wonderful years as we had given him.  "In loving memory" my "DUDER". What struck me the most was the fact that I gave him 5 more happy loving years before he passed.

My animals were always there for me and were my loyal best friends, from parrots to frogs and fish, cats, dogs, horses , including wild birds and deer. This will be more like a picture book with my loves and their little stories.


Meet Austin adopted at the age of 5 .from the Monroe ASPCA. Austin suffers from TBI (Tramautic Brain Injury) He is funny, loving, loyal and a happy boy.  He loves the beach, the farm, riding in the truck, vegtables and fruits, He looks up to me and he loves all the animals at the farm and would'nt hurt anyone not even an sanimal here. The words "Mans Best Friend" does him justice!!!

Simba a 10 year old rescue that acts like a puppy. He talks to me all the time. Always sits in my lap and considers himself the office manager. He was given to me as a gift from my Hubby. He touches a special place in my soul

This  is my baby Torte Evah Rose. She and Simba are very close.  She is petite and  was also a orescue. This kitty was a rare find and found by one of my best friends,  She was adopted from Pet Smart in New London. 

Thank you to my Finnish Friend Sanna I am now in love with Silkie Chickens. Above is my hen Louise with her spring babies of 2012. There will be more coming in the spring of 2013.  Silkies make wonderful pets for children.  They are sort like a bunny and and have feathers on their feet. Anyone can hold them. They are too funny to watch.   They are fantastic.I find the loving and relaxing,

This is my Jenna a mix breed . I was lucky enough to have her in my life for 12 years.  This dog went everywhere with me.  She was another best friend. She was gently and sweet.  Jenna slept with me every night.  I loved her like a child.  I miss all my animals. They remain in my heart!